Execution is one of the three major operational characteristics a company must get right if they are to succeed.  These seven Ps have been a hallmark in my bucket to ensure successful execution:   PROPER PLANNING & PREPARATION PREVENTS P-POOR PERFORMANCE.

In my speaking engagements I address a specific combat event in the skies over North Vietnam when “jumped” by four enemy fighters.  My seven Ps enabled me to shoot down an enemy fighter, and subsequently bring a crippled jet back aboard the aircraft carrier (the severe damage precluded the fighter from ever flying again).

On the other hand, I talk about an event in which I was so cavalier and cocky as a Top Gun Instructor, I almost lost a Navy jet, and possibly my life.

I have multiple scenarios to illustrate the criticality of Execution, and the subsequent results (good and bad).

See what Winston has to say on Proper Execution in the Workplace from a recent keynote address to Intevac, Inc. Santa Clara CA, leaders:

Winston Copeland, TGC Instructor, Rear Admiral, USN (RET).

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