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Trust is a word thrown around by many, and defined in multiple ways. It is one of the two major characteristics that define a leader (the other is Character & Integrity – a topic for another Blog)

So, what is trust? In my view, it is one’s degree of reliability, credibility, self-absorption, closeness/familiarity perceived by others.

  • – Reliability to me is doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.
  • – Credibility is having the skill-sets to deliver what you have promised.
  • – Self-absorption is how much pride, ego and self-focus you display (this is what you want to minimize). No one wants to hear from you how good you are. The team wants you to focus on them, not yourself.
  • – Closeness/familiarity is how well do you know your team; can you finish each other’s sentences. Are you a good listener, …..

All of this takes time to build, and one of the most important ways to build your team’s trust in you is for you to display trust in them. Give them the opportunity to succeed by providing them with responsibility and proper expectations. When you trust others, they will begin to trust you! However, breaching trust will require a great deal of time to repair, so guard this carefully.

See what Winston has to say on Trust from a recent keynote address to Intevac, Inc. Santa Clara CA, leaders:

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