Accountability is Thrown Around…

Most managers are terrible at accountability

Most managers are terrible at accountability

Accountability is thrown around corporate america predominantly with words; the rubber seldom meets the road – that is to say, many are not held responsible for their shortcomings. Actually, many are unaware of What is expected of them, as their managers & leaders fail to inform them with a high degree of specificity.

I learned accountability early on in my career. Aircraft Carrier pilots, are held accountable for the proficiency Of their landings – each one is graded, and posted for all to see. A ladder ranking each pilot’s standing is posted in the squadron ready room for all to take note. Fighter pilots have huge egos – need i say more?

As i became more senior, my focus was on executing the mission as effectively as possible, yet as safely as feasible. Doing all that we could to execute our mission, yet remain accountable to avoid losing a jet or worse a pilot/aircrew. Combat is a brutal arena by many measures. My last news interview on the Norfolk Pier hours before our departure in April 1999, we vowed to do all we could to bring everyone home from this combat deployment, god willing.

The disciplines and attention to detail most often correlate to accountability; the focus must come from the leadership in the military and in corporate America.

See what Winston has to say on Accountability from a recent keynote address to Intevac, Inc. Santa Clara CA, leaders:

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