Another fallen leader in the wake of scandal

General Eric Shinseki

Eric Doner, Naples FLSo General Shinseki took one for the team. Eric Shinseki, retired 4-Star General, former Army Chief of Staff, distinguished combat veteran, West Point grad and former Boy Scout, resigned today as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the wake of the growing scandal over inadequate care provided to our wounded warriors.

Was he blind-sided? Didn’t he see this coming? How can someone of his position and rank be so totally oblivious, insulated or aloof to such a corrupt, negligent and unethical culture that permitted rampant, mismanaged patient care in a majority of VA facilities for military veterans who have given so much for our country?

It’s been reported that scandals have been brewing for years, with multiple investigations conducted internally and by Congress. Certainly, Gen. Shinseki knew what kind of organization he inherited when he was appointed to his post in 2008. Failures in the VA were no doubt systemic then and grew exponentially as legions of wounded service men and women flooded an obviously inadequate healthcare delivery system.

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