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TGC brings out the very best in each member of your team! We offer the following services to our clients. If you are prepared to lead more effectively, please fill out the client intake form or call Winston at: 1(408)690-5439.


TGC Consulting will enable you to look inward and assess the level of leadership and managerial effectiveness needed to develop a Strategic Roadmap.

  • C-Level (1V1)
  • Teams
  • Leadership Study (360)
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks


TGC is often asked to deliver keynote addresses at a myriad of events (commencements, lunch & learns, evening seminars, offsites,….)

  • Leadership topics delivered through real-life experienced parables
  • Correlation of key leadership traits between Corporate America and the military (Execution, Trust, Accountability, Character & Integrity…)


  • Winslow Dynamic & Team Assessments
  • One Page Business Planning
  • Strength Based Leadership
  • Character & Integrity (case studies)
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

CEOs & EVPs have kindly said the following:

“I feel very fortunate to have had Winston as my career coach. Through his skills and his ability to listen and give honest, clear feedback he helped me become a better professional ready for bigger challenges. I was impressed how a self proclaimed “cocky fighter pilot” in the beginning of his career could become such an amazing people person. But Winston did it and taught me important lessons about how to overcome my own challenges to become a successful professional.”

Marcelo de Lima, Marketing Executive

“Cope brings great situational awareness and insight into company dynamics…. I found his coaching to be very helpful to my taking comprehensive stock of my personal values, capabilities and motivations and then identifying habits and behaviors that were out of alignment…

Mike Giomi, VP, E2V Inc.

“Winston Copeland, Top Gun Consulting, corporate and executive coach has been an integral part of our evolution of our Senior Management Team. His executive coaching has proven to be of immense value in the area of individual personal growth for many of our senior managers. Winston has helped these key leaders make measurable progress in the areas of individual and organizational effectiveness.”

Kimberly Burk, VP, Intevac Corporation

“Winston is an exceptional manager of resources and business processes. His team was responsible for significant Business Development growth under his direction and leadership. His strong principles and methodical approach to business opportunities significantly increased the win percentage of Business development opportunities. I sincerely endorse Winston for any leadership opportunity!”

RB Hooks, III , CTO, Storage Group, Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.

“Winston understands & addresses our leadership challenges most effectively and focuses on team results through individual coaching. Winston earns deep trust and confidentiality quickly.”

Drew Brugal, CEO, Vision Systems International

“Winston listens & processes with his head; has unique ability to speak & feel from his heart and is not intimidated at any level; he’s unafraid to ask the tough questions.”

Pete Rodriguez, CEO, EXAR Corp.

“Winston is a “can-do” leader that can understand an objective and organize a team to achieve the result needed. Cope is one of those individuals that puts his “all” into his work, treats people at all levels with respect (key to success in any leadership position), manages by metrics, and can focus a multi disciplined team towards a business objective. It has always been a pleasure working with Cope both as a member of the Sun Federal Leadership Team running our entire business development organization building a $2.2B pipeline of program business, and as an account manager for Boeing where he regularly pulled in hundreds of millions in revenue.”

Bill Vass , President & COO , Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.

“Winston delivered a rich set of comprehensive tools and soft skills which have had a material impact on the effectiveness of our leadership, communication and focus. His involvement with the company exceeded our expectations in terms of the effectiveness and impact on the organization.”

Paul Pickering, EVP, EXAR Corp.

“Over my 41 years in the computing business, I’ve had the honor and distinct privilege of working with several individuals of exceptional accomplishments including leadership. Winston, Cope to his friends and colleagues, occupies that exclusive position of being among the most exceptional leaders I’ve known and with whom I’ve interacted directly. His leadership and mentoring benefited me and several others immensely. I am confident, therefore, that Cope will excel in any management task since his leadership will be accepted readily by those being lead. Any organization which has Cope on their staff can be assured that they have the best leadership talent available. I highly recommend him for any senior management position.”

Evans Harrigan , Principal Engineer , Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.

“Winston displays superb character & outstanding integrity in each of his encounters at all levels within the organization.”

Joe Flynn, CEO, Lavante

“Winston’s experience, intellect, and insight enabled me to consider situations from a fresh and different perspective, providing me with alternative methods to address more complex business scenarios”

George Apostol, EVP, EXAR Corp.

“Cope is an engaging, dynamic leader who focuses on people and actions for successful outcomes. I had the pleasure working with Cope for many years on sales, delivery and partner management activities. My experience is that there was never an issue to big or to small to discuss with him. Cope was always willing to listen and provide assistance. Cope also did a great job of actively engaging the appropriate team members to quickly and effectively identify priorities. I highly recommend Cope for his professionalism and leadership.”

Matthew Vandermast , Professional Services Manager , Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.

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